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How the Changing World Transforms Our Careers

Cue the gig worker, who — as a Video Producer, Interpreter, or Takeaway Driver, for example — makes their living off short-term positions. Comparisons could be drawn with the ‘odd job’ market that older generations would recognise. A stark difference, however, exists in the demographic that is accepting this kind of position. Half of all crowd workers in the UK are under 35 years old[v], and 34% of gig workers are aged 16-30[iv]. It is the internet which has made this kind of employment possible, with many workers creating a fulltime patchwork of employment from the gigs they can find. After the financial crash, even the largest corporations were tightening their belts and adopting money saving measures. Permanent workforces were slashed to their bare bones, core competencies were kept in-house and extra work was outsourced to freelancers, contractors, service workers and sole traders. Now, one in seven of the employed population are classified as ‘self-employed’. Consultants – particularly in the digital landscape — have found this a lucrative environment. As technological progression outpaces the ability of business entities to modernise, the demand for external individuals providing niche expertise has grown considerably.

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